Cancer man and libra woman dating

He came over to my place and met my kids, they liked him.

BUT he continued to be secretive , so once I found out his last name, I started my investigation.. I snapshot his Facebook page admitting he had the kids and I texted him and asked him "nicely" why did you not tell me about the kids? Then I told him that I know for a fact that it's true; but I did not tell him where I found out, keeping the snapshot in my phone.

Cancer man tends to be jealous of the Scorpio woman, with or without a reason.

But since he does not pick up a quarrel with her, his light jealousy only ignites the fervor of his lover to him and does not offend her.

They both have empathy because they subtly feel each other.

Mind you, he kept telling me he would take me out the entire 2 months of our communicating with each other, but once I mentioned that I believe he was still married and not fully divorced, he made a huge effort to meet me.

They know how to fine-tune the wave of each other - so the Cancer man and Scorpio woman can understand each other without words. Her expressive eyes speak of an outstanding mind, which is combined with a practical cunning.

Externally, the Scorpio woman can be restrained, and even cold, but a real flame of feelings is burning in her soul, and who, if not the Cancer man to know this!

Only he knows how passionate and hot she is when left alone with him.

This pair can succeed in any business, and art - where they can participate together in the process of creating a work of art.

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