Bronx dating sites

Not only is The Bronx the birthplace of hip hop, it’s also a sort of mecca for modern art.From street art produced by famous artists like Banksy, to the Bronx Museum of Arts, this borough is a great place to see some of the coolest new pieces around.It’s not the same as going to one of the more crowded, dirtier beaches in other boroughs.

Bronxites grew up loving the place, and they’ll be sure to pass on that love to you.

A Bronxite will know the best places to take you for a more sophisticated date, if that’s your thing.

Most of the people living in the Bronx grew up there, and The Bronx was their playground throughout their childhood.

Dating a Bronxite is like having the ultimate tour guide to the best borough in New York City, and they’ll probably even give you a discount.

Hip hop isn’t the only thing with a beat to come out of The Bronx, it’s known as the birthplace of breakdancing, too.

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