Bronx dating sites

NEW YORK (AP) — Police say potential romance turned out to be robbery instead for several men who had their possessions stolen when they showed up to meet someone they had been communicating with on a dating site.

The New York Police Department says five men were lured to a Bronx building in December and January.

As a result, every Bronxite knows the area by heart.

Bronxites take care of each other, and if you’re dating someone from The Bronx, the city will take care of you, too. So our advice, find a nice Bronxite and settle down. Everyone from the Bronx is excited about where they’re from and would never want be living anywhere else, and they’ll let you know.They are equally passionate about the people they love, so they’ll have no problem voicing their opinions and standing up for you.You’d be surprised at how many Bronxites have tried their hand at a little popping and locking (to varied success) at one point or another.Not only is breakdancing great at keeping a Bronxites muscles toned, it’s helped them develop the rhythm necessary to tear up the dance floor during a night on the town.

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