Boost failed updating targets dating velsk biz

The following links might be interesting if this is not the case: Revised 09 April, 2007 Copyright © 2003-2007 Andreas Huber Dönni Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. While installing dependencies, I get the following message after 3Hrs.

boost failed updating targets-46boost failed updating targets-15boost failed updating targets-47

But when I run the compile command I got errors that some files are missing...

process_cpu_Command-line error: invalid Microsoft version number: 89 compilation aborted for libs\chrono\src\process_cpu_(code 4) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I noticed that the is not in the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\composer xe 2013 sp1\bin\intel64" as it is in one directory back at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\composer xe 2013 sp1\bin", so I made a copy of it and put it in the intel64 directory and ran again.

I still get errors: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- compile-c-c bin.v2\libs\atomic\build\intel-win\debug\address-model-32\link-sta tic\threading-multi\Command-line error: invalid Microsoft version number: 89 compilation aborted for libs\atomic\src\(code 4) call "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\composer xe 2013 sp1\bin\intel64//iclvars .bat" nul icl @"bin.v2\libs\atomic\build\intel-win\debug\address-model-32\link-static\thre ading-multi\rsp" ...failed compile-c-c bin.v2\libs\atomic\build\intel-win\debug\address-model-3 2\link-static\threading-multi\.. compile-c-c bin.v2\libs\system\build\intel-win\debug\address-model-32\link-sta tic\threading-multi\error_error_Command-line error: invalid Microsoft version number: 89 compilation aborted for libs\system\src\error_(code 4) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone know what the invalid Microsoft version number means?

I tried to replace "-llibboost_filesystem..." with "-lboost_filesystem..." but it does the same.

tool set=msvc --build-type=complete stage link.jam: No such file or directory ...patience... common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono\build common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\msvc-10.0 common.mkdir boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\msvc-10.0\debug compile-c-c boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\msvc-10.0\debug\File not found C:\C \boost_1_55_0\boost/config/select_stdlib_config.hpp( 18) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'cstddef': No such file or di rectory call "C:\C \Visual Studio 10.0\vc\vcvarsall.bat" x86 nul cl /Zm800 -nologo @"boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\msvc-10.0\debug\rs p" ...failed compile-c-c boost\bin.v2\libs\chrono\build\msvc-10.0\debug\j...

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