Bloody valentine dating sim game

Or you can just wreak havoc on everyone around you if you have sociopathic tendencies. The game’s graphics and features get better all the time, but as with anything in technology, with upgrades come glitches. Here are some of the funniest moments when The Sims went off-the-rails – we’ve rounded up 16 hilarious times the game totally messed up.

Her boyfriend Aaron doesn’t remember her anymore after a car accident! Those men were part of a group called the Shinsengumi. New Version includes Updated graphics Nudity ;) Fully animated cut scenes 20 total girls A story line Name and dress your character Special endings for all girls and much more! ~~THINGS TO IMPROVE ON~~ Some more shading and detail in the backrounds and props even some of the clothing of the giirls. Fun I remember this game it was really fun and won a an award or two it seems so congrats on that, the idea of the game was good the girls were good art style and some nice music on this, overall this was a fun little game and tobad you dont work on this anymore it could be pretty good in todays market.You need to talk with them and see if you have the chance of dating one of them. As you can already tell by the intelligently named blog, this is a blog centered around otome games.

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