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It seemed to us that Danny had directed his final movie.

And we remember “Man starts and God finishes…” – Bibsy M.

He told us of how God had been guiding his every move in the past. He felt this during the peak of his career when he was churning out movie after movie… That couldn’t have been possible without Divine intervention,” he interjects.

Upon his death Sunday, we were told his body was cremated and no wake was scheduled.

“I’m more of an editor than a director; more of a scriptwriter than a director,” sabi niya.

Ang editing ay isang aspeto ng paggawa ng pelikula na talagang pinagaralan ni Danny.

Danny’s Film Style – “…Sabi ni Danny, marami siyang naririnig na takot ang mga artista sa kanya dahil sa kakaiba raw niyang working habits. For those stars I haven’t handled yet, working with me will be like breaking old habits.

And Zialcita always had the most beautiful women on the set: Lyka Ugarte, Dang Cecilio, Pinky de Leon, Rio Locsin, Hilda Koronel, and Gloria, of course.

Mostly because he is the producer of most of his films he can take his time, and he was usually shooting at home, in the old Zialcita mansion on Lee Street in Mandaluyong.

“Basta may painting at may salamin, it was shot in Danny’s house,” Mark Gil says.

Binibigyan din niya ng importansiya ang music sa pelikual.

“I love music, I give room for it in my films…” – Vivienne Rafael, Movie Flash Magazine, December 23, 1982 (READ MORE) Man starts and God finishes – “…Perhaps, it was because we were his most recent contact from media if one could call five years recent.

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