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Many owners will rent for only weeks or months at a time, and others may have a daily rate.

For certain penthouse rentals in Buenos Aires are very high-end, very well appointed, and the amenities are incredible.

The Palermo Soho area is very artsy, whereas Palermo Hollywood is active with restaurants and bars.

The neighborhood of Recoleta is comparable to the suburbs in that it is an exclusive well-established area with families. Decided on the area that best fits your lifestyle so that you will enjoy your choice of penthouse rental in Buenos Aires.

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As you do your research you will find there are a number of great online sites to rent apartments and penthouses in Buenos Aires.

A few of the more user friendly sites include Buenos Aires Home and Business which features all areas, pictures, details and availability.

There are many sites that offer the same services you just need to determine what you want to spend and be prepared to drop a deposit within 24-hours of making the reservation for your penthouse rental in Buenos Aires.

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