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Prosecution under this section does not preclude prosecution under any other section of the Code. A conviction for any predicate act relied upon to establish a course of conduct does not preclude prosecution under this section. (g) Notwithstanding any contrary provision of § 4205 of this title, any person who is convicted of stalking within 5 years of a prior conviction of stalking shall receive a minimum sentence of 1 year incarceration at Level V. The first 6 months of said period of incarceration shall not be subject to suspension. (b) A violation of subsection (a) of this section is a class G felony. § 1313 Malicious interference with emergency communications; class B misdemeanor. (a) A person is guilty of stalking when the person knowingly engages in a course of conduct directed at a specific person and that conduct would cause a reasonable person to: (1) Fear physical injury to himself or herself or that of another person; or (2) Suffer other significant mental anguish or distress that may, but does not necessarily, require medical or other professional treatment or counseling. (a) A person shall not do any of the following within 300 feet of the building or other location where a funeral or memorial service is being conducted, or within 1,000 feet of a funeral procession or burial: (1) Direct abusive epithets or make any threatening gesture which the person knows or reasonably should know is likely to provoke a violent reaction by another. (a) A person is guilty of harassment when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person: (1) That person insults, taunts or challenges another person or engages in any other course of alarming or distressing conduct which serves no legitimate purpose and is in a manner which the person knows is likely to provoke a violent or disorderly response or cause a reasonable person to suffer fear, alarm, or distress; (2) Communicates with a person by telephone, telegraph, mail or any other form of written or electronic communication in a manner which the person knows is likely to cause annoyance or alarm including, but not limited to, intrastate telephone calls initiated by vendors for the purpose of selling goods or services; (3) Knowingly permits any telephone under that person's control to be used for a purpose prohibited by this section; (4) In the course of a telephone call that person uses obscene language or language suggesting that the recipient of the call engage with that person or another person in sexual relations of any sort, knowing that the person is thereby likely to cause annoyance or alarm to the recipient of the call; or (5) Makes repeated or anonymous telephone calls to another person whether or not conversation ensues, knowing that person is thereby likely to cause annoyance or alarm. (h) In any prosecution under this law, it shall not be a defense that the perpetrator was not given actual notice that the course of conduct was unwanted; or that the perpetrator did not intend to cause the victim fear or other emotional distress. 199, § 1.; § 1303 Disorderly conduct; funeral or memorial service. [Reserved.] § 1311 Harassment; class A misdemeanor. The first year of said period of incarceration shall not be subject to suspension.

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A person is guilty of disorderly conduct when: (1) The person intentionally causes public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm to any other person, or creates a risk thereof by: a. 87, § 2.; § 1314 [Reserved.] § 1315 Public intoxication; unclassified misdemeanor; violation. (e) Any person who, during the period imposed by subsection (d) of this section, violates this section is guilty of a violation. (d) Any person who fails to register as required by this section, or who having registered violates any provision of this section, shall lose the right to register or the person's registration, as the case may be, for a period of 6 months. (f) Notwithstanding any contrary provision of § 4205 of this title, any person who commits the crime of stalking by engaging in a course of conduct which includes any act or acts which have previously been prohibited by a then-existing court order or sentence shall receive a minimum sentence of 6 months incarceration at Level V. (2) "A reasonable person" means a reasonable person in the victim's circumstances.

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