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If Mario speaks to the Pianta standing at the windmill, he responds to the fact that he is skipping ahead, asking, "Whuzzah!? Isn't there something else you should do before coming here?

" Petey Piranha's second appearance cannot be fought prior to Episode 5, however.

His first appearance is in Super Mario Sunshine, and since then has become a common, recurring boss in Mario titles, despite seemingly being destroyed after each encounter.He also has a paper counterpart, who appears in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.In Super Mario Sunshine, Petey Piranha is stationed in Bianco Hills, initially during the episode Down with Petey Piranha! While Mario is on the landscape in front of the windmill, where the Polluted Piranha is fought, Petey Piranha shoots Goop at Mario from a very far away distance.On the ground, Petey Piranha not only attacks by spitting Goop, but also by unleashing Tornadoes.After being defeated, Petey Piranha once again dissolves into Goop and is not seen for the remainder of the game.

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